Robot can fly, swim or hitch a ride by sticking to other objects

Apr 1, 2023


A robotic drone that can travel through air and water, and also attach itself to larger objects with a suction mug, could be useful for tagging wild creatures, say its generators. The suction mug is inspired by the remora fish, which attaches itself to larger marine brutes in a symbiotic relationship where the remora eats spongers that would irritate its host and also gets a lift in return. “ My original study was ‘ let’s find a point where we can beat nature ’, ” says Li Wen at Beihang University in Beijing. “ Let’s do a robot that can't only swim and stick aquatic, but also can fly into the air and stick in the air. I do n’t suppose there are any creatures that can do this. ” Wen and his associates created a 3D- published replica of a remora fish suction pad. The small rubber- suchlike pad has a segmented layout that can produce a tight seal indeed when part of the pad is n’t in contact with a face. By changing the volume of each member once a seal has been made – hydraulically in the robot, but by muscul

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The next step is software design, which involves creating a high-level architecture of the software system. The architecture is a conceptual model that defines the components of the system and how they interact with each other. It includes the software's modules, interfaces, and data structures. The design should be flexible and scalable, so it can adapt to changing user requirements and business needs.

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Once the software system is deployed, it enters the maintenance phase. During this stage, the development team monitors the system for bugs and performance issues. They may also make changes to the system based on user feedback and new requirements.

In conclusion, software design is a crucial aspect of software development. A well-designed software system will be easier to maintain and modify, leading to improved performance and user satisfaction. To create a successful software system, developers must carefully consider the needs of the users, business requirements, and technological constraints. By following best practices in software design, developers can create software systems that are flexible, scalable, and reliable.

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