Institute Management System (TAS - IMS)

The Student management system is also called the student information system. It is student management software for managing students. Student management is an easy way designed to make it easier to track information.“Student Management System (SMS) is a solution tool that is designed to track, maintain and manage all the data generated by a School, including the grades of a student, their attendance, their interpersonal activities records, etc.,” Think of it as a big database that stores all the day-to-day school information, and student records, and also manages the tasks. It simplifies the handling process of administrative work.

Student Admissions information:

Student management systems software is used to help in managing all the students’ admission activities, like enrolling in a course.

Course payment:

Any payment students make for enrolling in a course is also stored in the Student Management System.

Performance Reporting:

It is also used to report to the administration about any change in the student’s performance which helps them to keep track of students’ performance. Online student management system software is not just used by teachers and administration but also supports dashboards and applications for both students and parents for communication and combined data collection.

The main product of Touch and Solve for Solution:

I)  T&S Unified Access Control System (Software & hardware)

ii)  ePass for Visitor Management & Access Control

iii) Surveillance solution integrated with Al

iv) Accounting & MIS System

v)  Institute Management System

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