Youth will turn crisis into opportunities

Apr 1, 2023


Planning Minister MA Mannan states the use of advanced technology blockchain as veritably important to keep pace with the changing world. In this case, of course, we will succeed in the future; because our youth will turn moment’s extremity into openings. He was speaking at the initial function of ‘ Bangladesh Blockchain Olympiad 2022 ’ at the theater of Bangladesh Krishibid Institution- KIB on Monday. The planning minister attended the virtual event as the principal guest. Mentioning that only the youthful generation can turn the extremity into an occasion, Abdul Mannan further said that our youthful generation is constantly learning new technologies. He said that he's veritably auspicious that the youth have come forward in the development and growth of blockchain. At the same time, the minister said, “ Blockchain Olympia is a golden occasion for the youth of the country to develop their innovative ideas. ” He said that despite adversity and hostility, the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is moving ahead with determination in the field of modernization and advanced technology. In such a situation, Planning Minister MA Mannan called upon all the youth including the innovative and talented youth to take advantage of the openings taken by the government. Aparajita Haque, MP; Advisor to Bangladesh Blockchain Olympiad Professor Muhammad Zafar Iqbal; BRAC University ProfessorDr. M Kaikobad; Bangladesh Blockchain Olympiad fellow Habibullah N Karim expressed their views on the occasion while Bangladesh Computer Council Executive DirectorDr.M. Abdul Mannan presided over the function. NM Zeaul Alam, Senior Secretary, ICT Department and Lauren Mao, International Advisor, Blockchain Olympiad were also connected online.

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